Vertical Dreamscape

Witness a collaborative, experimental aerial pole dance work from US National Pole Art Champion Donna Carnow and visual artist/performer Gina Alm. "Vertical Dreamscape" will lead you on a 3 act journey through the imagined “Self”: the Superego, the Id, and the Ego. From floor to ceiling, Donna and Gina's movement plays with the physical possibilities and dynamics of restraint, manipulation, freedom, and flight... all to a dreamy, original soundscape created and performed by the inimitable lap guitarist Morf Music.

Wristband Info

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Event Details

Full Price: 2500 ISK
Duration: 30 mins
Genre: Dance Physical Theatre and Circus

Country of Origin: UNITED STATES

28 June 5.45pm


Full Price 2500 ISK

Friend of the Fringe (Wristband Only) 1750 ISK


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