Opening Party!!
The fifth Reykjavík Fringe Festival is launched! Come join us in our festival hub, Iðnó, and enjoy a taster of the entertainment that is to come for the next 10 days!

We'll have a great host duo, the hilariously terrifying Linda and sweet and mellow Mauricio who will try to keep her at bay. There will also be a great line-up of artists from the festival performing snippets from their shows - and offers at the bar!

The evening is rounded up with dancing until the early hours. Free entry!
Event Details

Price: FREE
Duration: 240 mins
Genre: Party

Artist/Production Company: Andrew Sim, Mauricio Rodriguez, Julia Nicolau, Spindrift Theatre, Lee Apsey, Eldklárar og eftirsóttar, Vice Versa, SEIÐR
Country of Origin: Iceland, Scotland, Dominican Republic, Spain, UK, Finland
Language: English

Age Guidance: 18+ only

24 June 9.00pm

Iðnó Main



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