Mighty Bear

The mysterious “face" of the Icelandic electronic scene
Mighty Bear takes his listeners on an emotional, dreamlike—and at times nightmarish–journey, with haunting abstract synth soundscapes and soft, melancholic vocals.
Pollinating the worlds of drag culture and abstract electronic pop. Mighty Bear's show is audio-visual in nature: any danger of laptop-staring, knob-twiddling boredom is immediately dispelled by the accompanying glittering gowns and towering heels, rippling film imagery, masks, wigs, and a bold, charismatic approach to the stage. Strutting onstage in a ghostly, glamorous mask to a soundtrack of intense but ethereal beats, Mighty Bear is the undisputed dark queen of the Reykjavík electronica scene.

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Event Details

Full Price: FREE
Duration: 30 mins
Genre: Music

Country of Origin: ICELAND

29 June 10.15pm


Full Price FREE

1 July 11.00pm


Full Price FREE


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