Örlagaþræðir – Threads of fate

Historically, weaving and spinning has been an integral part of womanhood, and in some places had strong connotations with sorcery. These connections manifest in a myriad of ways: In the written record, mythologies and even archaeology. Endless examples are to be found of women spinning magical threads. From Scandinavia to Greece, goddesses and witches weave… Continue reading Örlagaþræðir – Threads of fate

Iceland, Please Love Me

As a child, I imagined Iceland as a mystical real-life fairy tale. On my first visit, I saw it was true! Vikings. Whales. Waterfalls. Blue lagoons. But one thing was missing… love. In this show, I will chronicle six years of trips to Iceland and trying to marry my way in. I’ve gone on dates… Continue reading Iceland, Please Love Me

Closing Party!!

The closing party of the RVK Fringe is open to the public. Join our artists in a dancing frenzy until the early hours as our DJ duo 155 brings the festival to a close.

A Study of Choices

A Study of Choices is a dance piece with a new cast of dancers for every new evening and location . Three different dancers are given instructions on stage, heard by them and the audience simultaneously. The performance is created by the way the dancers interpret these instructions. With uncertainty as a starting point this… Continue reading A Study of Choices


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