Love is all around

Love is all around, everywhere you look! Our show is put together by short burlesque acts, which all revolve around love in all its forms – romantic, platonic, parental or anything you can imagine. It is a celebration of the happiness that loving another being can give us.


Iceland is a land of humble beginnings, but these days is home to some really excellent comedians. The top three of these comedians are Arnór Daði, Huw C Jones, and Mauricio Rodrigez, having won a combined 6 awards between the charming trio. Titans of the scene that they are, they have decided to give other… Continue reading Humble

A Study of Choices

A Study of Choices is a dance piece with a new cast of dancers for every new evening and location . Three different dancers are given instructions on stage, heard by them and the audience simultaneously. The performance is created by the way the dancers interpret these instructions. With uncertainty as a starting point this… Continue reading A Study of Choices

Three Grimm’s Fairy Tales

The poet Christian Hege and illustrator Tinna Þorvalds Önnudóttir exhibit three short stories in the form of poems and illustrations based on three lesser known Grimm’s fairy tales. Imagine long ago, when towns were far apart, and few, And journeying between them might take days. And travelers might tell stories. It was something they could… Continue reading Three Grimm’s Fairy Tales

The Icelandic Comics Society presents: Strange Love comic art showcase

Following up on 2020’s award-winning Strange Communities and 2021’s Strange Encounters, ÍMS presents its third offering of up-and-coming Icelandic comic creators. Three artists will present original, short graphic stories inspired by this year’s theme of love. Each story will reflect on the theme from the creator’s own perspective. Join us as we crash a wedding… Continue reading The Icelandic Comics Society presents: Strange Love comic art showcase

Closing Party!!

The closing party of the RVK Fringe is open to the public. Join our artists in a dancing frenzy until the early hours as our DJ duo 155 brings the festival to a close.

Identity Crisis

A pick-and-mix comedy show with 3 comedians that are literally going through it: In this show, we’ll unpack immigration, gender, sexuality, and mental health (or lack thereof). Regn is the first vegan, non binary, bisexual, bipolar, art student comedian in Iceland. Dan Nava is a Venezuelan immigrant whose life is basically a joke. Lovísa a… Continue reading Identity Crisis


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