Story Gauntlet

Fresh on the heels of a virtual engagement in the US in June 2021, and for the first time LIVE, Story Gauntlet gives the audience the chance to hear a story or three, but with a catch. Each story will be told multiple times, but each storyteller will only be able to hear the story… Continue reading Story Gauntlet

You’re Lucky He Was Nice

Sindri “Sparkle” Freyr brings you a funny show about things that aren’t funny. Two Fringe Festivals in a row this drag comedian has almost been beaten up for wearing their stage costume out of the theatre. Now They wanna to talk about it. This is a comedy show about what it means to be desired,… Continue reading You’re Lucky He Was Nice

Örlagaþræðir – Threads of fate

Historically, weaving and spinning has been an integral part of womanhood, and in some places had strong connotations with sorcery. These connections manifest in a myriad of ways: In the written record, mythologies and even archaeology. Endless examples are to be found of women spinning magical threads. From Scandinavia to Greece, goddesses and witches weave… Continue reading Örlagaþræðir – Threads of fate

Fantasia Floreale – Metamorphosis

This is the fourth art/design exhibit by Kristin (“Kristal”) Markusdottir, an illustrator and pattern designer inspired by nature and all things magical! You can expect digital art prints celebrating nature’s florals and plants as the centre piece, surrounded by a renaissance meets art nouveau decorative border. In other words; Modern methods meeting classical motifs –… Continue reading Fantasia Floreale – Metamorphosis


DO YOU CARE? DO I CARE? WHO CARES? a physical solo performance questioning the tensions created between what we regard good for ourselves and for our bodies versus what society imposes on us. Reflecting on the topic of care and through the lens of personal identity and gender, it questions how external forces such as… Continue reading WH0 CARES

Arctic Creatures

Every year three friends venture into the Icelandic wilderness. They get inebriated by the power of natural forces; creation, destruction and recreation. Whatever the ocean washes ashore is transformed into art; colourful plastic, old shoes, bottles and fishing nets. The influence is absorbed from the raw and harsh environment, the mystic atmosphere and our mutual… Continue reading Arctic Creatures


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