Iceland, Please Love Me

As a child, I imagined Iceland as a mystical real-life fairy tale. On my first visit, I saw it was true! Vikings. Whales. Waterfalls. Blue lagoons. But one thing was missing… love. In this show, I will chronicle six years of trips to Iceland and trying to marry my way in. I’ve gone on dates… Continue reading Iceland, Please Love Me

Eldklárar og eftirsóttar

Eldklárar og eftirsóttar are an all-female improv group that performs long form improvised comedy in Icelandic. This collective of the smartest, hottest, funniest women in Iceland’s only goal is to make people laugh. Leave all your expectations at the door, cause Eldklárar don’t even know what’s going to happen!

A Study of Choices

A Study of Choices is a dance piece with a new cast of dancers for every new evening and location . Three different dancers are given instructions on stage, heard by them and the audience simultaneously. The performance is created by the way the dancers interpret these instructions. With uncertainty as a starting point this… Continue reading A Study of Choices

Ari Eldjárn: Saga Class

Iceland’s biggest comedian (and first-ever Netflix star) hits the Fringe with his eagerly awaited third show in English, which includes Nordic observations on drumbeats, sleep, parenthood and much more. ‘As straightforwardly enjoyable and undemanding an hour of stand-up as you’ll find at the Fringe’. *(Scotsman) ‘A smart, savvy comedian with a hugely assured set’. **… Continue reading Ari Eldjárn: Saga Class


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