Three Grimm’s Fairy Tales

The poet Christian Hege and illustrator Tinna Þorvalds Önnudóttir exhibit three short stories in the form of poems and illustrations based on three lesser known Grimm’s fairy tales. Imagine long ago, when towns were far apart, and few, And journeying between them might take days. And travelers might tell stories. It was something they could… Continue reading Three Grimm’s Fairy Tales

The Icelandic Comics Society presents: Strange Love comic art showcase

Following up on 2020’s award-winning Strange Communities and 2021’s Strange Encounters, ÍMS presents its third offering of up-and-coming Icelandic comic creators. Three artists will present original, short graphic stories inspired by this year’s theme of love. Each story will reflect on the theme from the creator’s own perspective. Join us as we crash a wedding… Continue reading The Icelandic Comics Society presents: Strange Love comic art showcase

Jól í júní með Dömum og herra/ Christmas in June with Ladies and a Gentleman

Christmas came early this year, or late considering covid. Our Christmas shows have always been our most popular shows and now we can finally have one in June, because who doesn’t love Christmas in June? You can expect a show of the variety kind with acts ranging from classic burlesque to cabaret, comedy and the… Continue reading Jól í júní með Dömum og herra/ Christmas in June with Ladies and a Gentleman

MIMRA in concert

Icelandic recording artist, producer and songwriter, MIMRA, released her anticipated EP, Finding Place, this spring. MIMRA first captivated audiences in 2017 with the release of debut album Sinking Island. Ever since she has created rich sonic layered music, combining art pop, electronic music, jazz and folk. MIMRA and her band will perform on Reykjavík Fringe… Continue reading MIMRA in concert

Manic Pixie Dream Boi

Úff! Life can be hard for a boy. Especially for a manic pixie dream boy. Come witness the explosive storytelling of Drengurinn fengurinn as he recounts his multifaceted life story through music, video and spoken word. Suggested donation on the door: 1500 kr. Stay later to catch GasMask Man afterwards!

Tease with Tom Harlow

1ST HOUR:Techniques used in burlesque such as isolated movements, walking, posing, bump & grind 2ND HOUR:Choreographed routine which will also include basic boa techniques and some simple chair work. 3RD HOUR:Performance based skills! Please bring:* Spare bra/a spare shirt and tie* Water Bottle(No actual stripping will take place during the class except the removal of… Continue reading Tease with Tom Harlow

Iceland, Please Love Me

As a child, I imagined Iceland as a mystical real-life fairy tale. On my first visit, I saw it was true! Vikings. Whales. Waterfalls. Blue lagoons. But one thing was missing… love. In this show, I will chronicle six years of trips to Iceland and trying to marry my way in. I’ve gone on dates… Continue reading Iceland, Please Love Me

You’re Lucky He Was Nice

Sindri “Sparkle” Freyr brings you a funny show about things that aren’t funny. Two Fringe Festivals in a row this drag comedian has almost been beaten up for wearing their stage costume out of the theatre. Now They wanna to talk about it. This is a comedy show about what it means to be desired,… Continue reading You’re Lucky He Was Nice


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