Richard Brown: Horror Show

A stand-up comedy/multimedia performance from award-winning curmudgeon Richard Brown, confronting our reactions to an ever-changing, more horrifying world “… a ruthless and angst-fuelled set with clever, impactful writing.” – The Wee Review “Dark, clever, thoughtful and bleak. This is a standup set that any thinking comedy fan needs to see.” – Fringe Monkey ★★★★ The… Continue reading Richard Brown: Horror Show

Örlagaþræðir – Threads of fate

Historically, weaving and spinning has been an integral part of womanhood, and in some places had strong connotations with sorcery. These connections manifest in a myriad of ways: In the written record, mythologies and even archaeology. Endless examples are to be found of women spinning magical threads. From Scandinavia to Greece, goddesses and witches weave… Continue reading Örlagaþræðir – Threads of fate


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