Triptych Men

Award winning, hilarious, and moving physical-theater show combining acrobatic and dance with true stories that change at every performance. Three performers will try to compete with each other in a competition with no winners. They’ll make you laugh and might even make you cry. “A rare gem of a show! Funny, dynamic, full of talent.… Continue reading Triptych Men

Comedy Taster

In this Comedy Taster audiences will get a taste of all the comedy acts that will be delighting you throughout the week. Sort of an open mic for only RVKFringe comedians, resulting in 2 hours of great jokes and a chance to find your favourite comedians and book shows later in the week.

Preview Night!

At the annual RVK Fringe Preview Night all artists have the chance to pitch their show to the audience and media, but they only get 2 minutes each. As a result, the whole evening is like a cabaret performance filled with 2 minute snippets from each show. You’ll laugh, you might cry, but you’ll have… Continue reading Preview Night!


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